Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh well, whatever, nevermind

Deleted a few entries that seemed extraneous, including the one that I wrote last night. Set up a new private blog to deal with certain issues that I can't deal with here for various reasons. So much for being more open and honest here, huh? LOL. At least I'm keeping this blog going this time. Not sure when I'll be updating it though. I'll keep you posted. LOL! Get it? Keep you posted. Oh well, whatever... nevermind.

But I'm doing tremendously, swellishiously wonderful. *cough* Even found myself flirting with a brooke skye at work. I'd seen *B* around and always said hi, but on Friday she came up to me and just started chatting. I don't even know how much actual flirting was done. I mean, nothing suggestive was said. She just seemed really interested. It was nice. She actually came over to talk several times. When she walked away the first time, she kept looking back at me like she was expecting something, until I smiled. I need that kind of attention right now, I just wish it would come from somewhere else. I mean, she's a nice enough girl, and pretty, and artistically inclined, and smart, but... she just happens to be a minor.

Oh, don't worry, I'm not that dumb. Like I said, I just wish I could get attention like that from raven riley .... well, nevermind again. I want.... well, we all know what I want. My tongue aches for the taste of it. But I feel like a man condemned to starvation. Or, as I read in a book, "If you were dying of thirst in the desert, I wouldn't even spit on you!" Now that's harsh. LOL.

I mentioned how wonderfully I'm doing, right? Okay, good. Just wanted to make sure to end this on a positive note. Gotta stay positive, right?